Preventive Dentistry at Max Dental Clinics

A healthy smile starts with an proactive approach.
Our high- tech preventive dental care is designed to help you maintain a long life dental health.

Dental cleanings and exams

When dealing with extensive dental disease or tooth loss, a Full Mouth Rehabilitation may be necessary to restore the function and beauty of a healthy mouth.

lntra oral photography to show areas of concerns
Gentle teeth cleaning to remove tartar and bacteria
Ultrasonic cleaning as necessary
Our dental cleanings and exams are the best way to lower your risk of cavities, gum disease, and other common issues.

Personalized Dental Care

You'll always receive advanced and personalized preventive dental core from Max Dentol staff.
Together, well develop a care plan focused on prevention and catered to your individual needs and smile goals. Our unique personalized approach includes:

-Ample time to discuss your dental health concerns with our dentists.

-Personalized oral health care education

-An at-home core plan designed to help you prevent problems and achieve excellent health

-Suggestions on how to improve your self core at home

-Complimentary dental health bag with items to support your at-home core plan

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